Delicious Authentic Street Tacos for Any Event

When you hire us, you can rest assured of 3 things: we're always on time, your food is always cooked on-site, and all of your guests will rave until the next event you hold!

We use only the best quality of meats and ingredients, and there’s way more than just tacos on the menu!

No matter what kind of dietary restriction you need to plan for, all of your attendees will be taken care of. After getting their entree from the grill, guests choose their own salsas, toppings, and side orders. It's a win-win: they get the freshest food exactly how they want it, and the process is efficient!


We know that details are important

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Mexican street food popularity has been on the rise for years

Trust the experience & dedication

Committed to doing it right on your big day

We've served large entities such as Fed-Ex, the State of California, Silicon Valley tech giants, as well as weddings, celebrations of life, and showers. We know the logistics of getting people fed on a schedule, so your event can go smoothly in the other departments as well. We serve for a minimum of 2 hours on most occasions, so the eating can continue on well after the first round of plates are cleaned off.

Providing you with quality and value every single time




All events come with Carne Asada, Pollo Amarillo, and Al Pastor Tacos, Fajita Veggies, Mexican Rice, Pinto Beans, & a Decorated Salsa Bar with Cilantro/White Onion, Jalepeños, Cucumber Slices, Lime Wedges, & Our Signature Spicy Red & Mild Green Taco Salsas, As Well As Our Extra-Yummy Avocado Cilantro Crema & Chipotle Crema!

Disposable Plates, Napkins & Forks are Also Included

Full-Service Events Include Fresh Tortilla Service for a Minimum of 1.5 Hours

Our world revolves around you

Whether it's a one-off feeding, or multiple sites need to be fed at the same time, we are here to build a free custom quote or discuss solutions to your needs


Pricing Guide & Service Options

Small Events

For events of 30 or 40 guests, we arrive about 1.5 hours ahead of your Serving Time, set-up our equipment, and serve hot tortillas and meat for 1.5 hours. This includes: 3 Meats, 3 Sides, & 4 Taco Salsas. Toppings include cilantro/onion, limes, cucumbers, and pickled jalapeños. Leftovers included.

$18/Person + Tax & Travel

Increments in 10 only, for portioning

Tax & Travel will vary depending on location.

Call, Text, or Email to Ask About Our Taco Sessions if You Need a More Budget-Friendly Option

Standard Events

For events with 50 - 150 guests, we will arrive about 2 - 2.5 hours ahead of your Serving Time for set-up and serve for 2 hours. Service includes 3 Meats, 3 Sides, & 4 Taco Salsas. Toppings include cilantro/onion, limes, cucumbers, and grilled jalapeños.

Leftovers included.

$16/Person + Tax & Travel

Tax & Travel will vary depending on location.

Large Events

For events with 160 guests or more, we will arrive about 3 hours ahead of your Serving Time for set-up and serve for 2 hours. Service includes 3 Meats, 3 Sides, & 4 Taco Salsas. Toppings include cilantro/onion, limes, cucumbers, and grilled jalapeños.

Leftovers included.

$15/Person + Tax & Travel

Tax & Travel will vary depending on location.


What Others Are Saying

Bradley... I just wanted to thank you for yesterday... I got so many compliments from my guests on how wonderful your food was and how pleasant and kind you all were. I am so glad I found you for this- loved the communication and promptness - as I think we are farther away from where you normally service. Thank you! Thank You! It meant so much to me to be able to have peace of mind!

Susan K, Pioneer, CA

150 Guests

Had "Taco Brad" meet us in Lake Tahoe for an engagement party and the tacos were fantastic! We had about 20 people there, and there was plenty of food to go around and even had left overs. We enjoyed his food so much we asked him stay the night and cook us all breakfast the next day. Without hesitation he did! He didn't have eggs and the other breakfast supplies needed so he ran to the store and stocked up. That was pretty sweet! We all woke up from a late night and had breakfast hot and ready on the table. I would highly recommend. Super nice guy and awesome tacos.

Miles S, San Diego, CA

20 Guests

Brad was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. We had a party with roughly 40 people and this was our first time using a caterer, but we wanted to enjoy our guests and enjoy the party instead of just "working" the whole time like we usually do. We are SO GLAD we decided to give this a try and think we are now spoiled forever. Brad explained the whole process, booked the date/time, took deposit for the meat and got everything ready. He showed up early to set up and proceeded to cook AMAZING tacos for everyone as long as they kept coming back (and they all did multiple times). Salsas, beans, rice, and condiments were all spot on and including the paper products was a bonus. Brad cleaned up and we didn't have to really do anything. It was awesome. Brad fit right in with the guests and has a great personality so it's not just like hiring someone to come do a bit of work and leave. He was very personable and chatted with everyone while serving and easily could have been just one of our guests. We will definitely be using him again for other parties.

Mick P, Placerville, CA

40 Guests

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any Vegan- or Vegetarian-friendly options?

Yes! We have jackfruit, soy chorizo, and lots of vegetable offerings

How much lead time do you need?

Pending our availability, we only need as little as 24 hours notice

Our venue or headcount may change, when is the cut-off to let you know by?

Last-second changes can always be made, but we like to have everything set within 5-7 days of your event. This helps us be sure that labor is covered.

How do I book?

Call/Text/Email us to check availability, let us know what you need, send us a deposit to secure the date, and that's it! You can also build your party online right here

Can I get extra of one meat or another, or all one meat?

We bring what you tell us to! Extra asada incurs a charge, but pork and chicken does not.

What is your coverage area?

Anywhere you need us to go. We charge reasonably for travel, but nowhere is off-limits.

I do not meet the minimum headcount, is that ok?

We need to charge our minimum, but you get all the leftovers, and you can send them home with a full belly, and a full plate or 2!

How many tacos per guest?

It's very rare to not have leftover meat, produce, and sides. Essentially, it's all-you-can-eat, but we limit each guest to 6 tacos on their first go-around.

Located in Camino, CA

We are based out of one of the most beautiful parts of California! Widely-known as "Apple Hill", Camino is full of family-run farms and venues. If you need a place to hold your event, or an Airbnb to rest your head or send your guests, let us know! We have some great candidates for you!

Corazón TaCocina in Downtown Placerville

Right down the hill from our Cook-for-Hire HQ, we are now open to the public, and soon for delivery! Come check out our Taco Kitchen and say hi, grab some DIY Taco Packs, and take home all the good stuff to the family. Available for individual, all the way up to 25+ people. A la carte options also available.

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